family business

Working with Brian Jaeger as our small business consultant kick-started a series of exciting opportunities for me and for the direction of our company.  Brian pulled together big ideas, challenged us to think differently and activated nitty-gritty changes in how we worked - all while expertly handling the unique dynamics of a husband-wife team.

 I moved from heading out the door to falling in love with my work.

That seed of empowerment grew over the next year eventually culminating in a successful sale of part of the business. We are so grateful for our established working relationship with Brian - a key member of our team was set to go when we decided we'd found the right buyer.

Kristin Grosenbach

Former CFO, PeepCode Screencasts

Officer, Topfunky Corporation

I'm moving to Mexico and wanted to thank you for all your excellent advice and assistance with my business. I'm now teaching two online classes in addition to my private students and will continue to teach online from Mexico. I don't know how I could have figured this out without you.

Sylvie N.


Trusted advisor

Brian is a consultant that you can trust implicitly. He has an internal compass that is always stationed at "True North". Brian can help you strategically, and from a basis of possibility, grounded in solidity.

Jenny Capella

Business Consultant

Brian didn't just help me to get my business off the ground; he helped me give it life!

—Aster Max

Brian is an excellent motivator and clear communicator. He has an inspirational vision of what's possible. He can also demonstrate a definite path on how to achieve your goals. He's attentive, creative and a true visionary!  

Nicole Pasternak,

Capital Accountant LLC

Not only is he skillful at the technical aspects of business development; he's cognizant of the emotional and spiritual roller coasters associated with business ownership. I wholeheartedly recommend Brian as a teacher, manager, mentor, leader and executive.  

Ryan Hughes, AICP

Community & Economic Planner

You truly are a deep listener; you captured so perfectly my story and it helped me to actually view my last five years in a more positive, necessary, much-needed break.  Now it’s time to move forward. Thank you for believing in me and I look forward to working with you!!

Kara C.

Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Brian has a terrific business mind!

He has been super great at helping me understand and decide about a multitude of ‎items related to my new business.

Larkin Kinsella



strategic planning

Brian Jaeger did a fantastic job of integrating into the unique culture of our teams. He maintains a great balance of flexibility and making sure we accomplish our goals. Brian has been an integral part of our planning process. Our strategic planning was extremely productive.

Henry Sauer

Vice President, Human Resources   Rackspace Hosting


“Brian really helped us define our roles in the business and explore our strengths and weaknesses. Without this third perspective, I don’t think my business partner and I would have as much clarity in terms of our working relationship today. Working with Brian helped me to discover the power of partnerships and their importance in building a successful business. Businesses may come and go, rise and fall but that partnership and the lessons learned is something you can take anywhere and onto the next venture.”

Dino Monteverde

Brian has really played a huge role in helping my business partner and I establish the foundations of our relationship. Before we met with him, we were super excited to join forces and start our new venture. However, there was a lot of stuff we didn’t even consider in our partnership that he really opened our eyes to. He made sure we had all the foundations and tools needed in order to make our partnership healthy and successful.

Mallory Petterson

Our first partnership meeting was informative, motivating, and tactical. I truly care about maximizing my time, results, and personal growth. He touched on all three. He’s a business mentor I’ve been searching for and I’m thankful to have found him.

Kyro Parker

teamwork facilitation

Brian was brought in to help improve team effectiveness. In the 24 years I've been working I have never gained as much immediate benefit from a series of sessions designed to improve how we do business as I have from the sessions he led. We were able to identify issues, set goals for resolution, and develop action plans that really work. All of this before we left the room on the last day!

Rick Weld

Regional Director

TEKsystems Global Services

leadership development

Brian was an incredibly valuable mentor to me. His passion for entrepreneurship and compassion for his clients and colleagues was constantly apparent. He taught by example: how to manage people, how to work well as part of a team, how to empower  others, and how to be a leader. I hope to work with him again.

Anneka Gerhardt

Brand Specialist

succession pilot

Brian showed amazing leadership and teamwork at a time when the organization was missing an executive director. He was the glue that held a lot of the organizational parts during this difficult transition time. His MICAH system was also a valuable contribution to the program as platform for presenting business concepts to our clients. His kind, compassionate and observant personality was also delight to work around.

Raphael Augusto Sanchez, CEO 

Invictus Business Consulting