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Washington State 2016 Small Private Employer of the Year*

SELF-EMPLOYMENT & living with a disability

InsideWorks is a Washington State approved business consultant practice collaborating alongside Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Department of Services for the Blind customers and their talented counselors to evaluate self-employment opportunities. Inspired by participant's courage and tenacity, we work side-by-side to produce their comprehensive feasibility and business plans.

Cultivating exceptional career change starts with identifying talents, compensating skill gaps, and transforming anxieties into confident intentions. Teamwork and leadership skills advance along with improved communication competencies. Reflective sessions influence clear goals and transformative growth. Since 2012, over 300 clients have confidently launched a sustainable private practice or vital business in their community. 


Our outreach creates opportunities at organizations supporting those living with disabilities. We invite your assistance in creating connections where we can assist individuals living with disabilities.

"I see people with disabilities every day who don't need medical assistance, they need something to believe in. I see this work as likely one of those ways that inspires and motivates." - Pat Gemperline, M.D.

“You truly are a deep listener; you captured so perfectly my story and it helped me to actually view my last five years in a more positive, necessary, much-needed break.  Now it’s time to move forward. Thank you for believing in me!” - Kara C., Fitness & Nutrition Coach

“I'm moving to Mexico and wanted to thank you for all your excellent advice and assistance with my business. I'm now teaching two online classes in addition to my private students and will continue to teach online from Mexico. I don't know how I could have figured this out without you.” - Sylvie N., Trainer

“I can’t thank you enough for your fatih and contributions to my goals!” - Davina S., Food Trailer Owner

*Governor's Committee on Disability  Issues and Employment.