I have a keen interest in helping partnerships thrive. Launching a high functioning partnership is like an insurance policy for success. Loose assumptions morph into clear expectations. One imaginative session peers into your intended future to suggest strategies for the good, the bad and the ugly. Comprehensive Partnership Agreements greatly improve your chances for success!

Conflicted family partnerships disrupt business flow. Reduced productivity, an observable toxic work culture and a disastrous bottom line are the result of management's unmet needs. I engage in conflicts to reverse the financial and emotional impact on partners, their families and employees. Collaborations with the business' CPAs and attorneys enhance outcomes. 

Courageous conversations reveal pain points and influence beneficial decisions in a climate of respect. If needed, facilitated mediations honor individual experiences while navigating company needs. 

Launch a partnership with clear roles and financial agreements. Or, courageously address an existing partnership that may again celebrate its collaborative success or define an amicable dissolution. 

"I have never gained as much immediate benefit from a series of sessions designed to improve how we do business as I have from the sessions Brian led."

Rick W., Regional Director