Partnership Advising

THRIVING PARTNERSHIPS Launching a high functioning partnership is like an insurance policy for success. Loose assumptions morph into clear strategies. Our collaboration peers into your intended future preparing for the good, the bad and the ugly. Comprehensive Partnership Agreements greatly improve your chances for success.

Launch a partnership with clear intentions, roles & responsibilities, and financial agreements.

InsideWorks seeks collaborative opportunities with accountants and attorneys to enhance their clients’ outcomes. I have a keen interest in helping general or family partnerships thrive, and engaging in broken partnerships. See Repairing Partnerships. Call 206.619.4345 or email to arrange a free consultation.

 "I moved from heading out the door to falling in love with my work."

Kristin G., CFO

"I have never gained as much immediate benefit from a series of sessions designed to improve how we do business as I have from the sessions Brian led."

Rick W., Regional Director