A single blade of grass crumbles beneath the foot. Starting with one strand of grass, a 500-year-old Inca tradition followed by 700 villagers weaves dried grass into a life-sustaining bridge. This effort is repeated every year as the old bridge is cut down and collaboratively replaced anew. See this magic here: https://www.pbs.org/video/weaving-grass-bridges-n6hgvt/

Which path is better to build your bridge between today’s vision and tomorrow’s accomplishments? Champion all causes alone, or weave together talents and cross the divide with others? The answer varies of course by the task, but my powering through business solo has manifested the least gratifying results. Then again, poorly defined partnerships have brought their own tragic turns.

Launching a partnership can be accomplished with clear intentions, weaving together necessary details linking today’s intentions to create that necessary bridge towards a fruitful tomorrow. InsideWorks champions strong partnership foundations and renews existing ones. See what we’re up to at www.insideworks.net/partnerships . #partnerships #partners #business