I am privileged to have worked with hundreds of gutsy entrepreneurs who boldly step into the unknown. Packed with talents and skills they deftly or clumsily morph their career into a self-directed venture. There are no experiences in the world of work that are as personally transformative as entrepreneurship.

Frequently people quote for me the statistic of business failures in the first five years of operations. To try and bomb is not failure. Boldly committing waking hours to a venture that matters is a remarkable achievement regardless of the outcome. The phenomenal personal growth experienced is seldom achieved within an employer permitted job.

My clients motivate me everyday, wiping out personal fear and loathing with their inspiring success stories. “Deb’s” family was rear ended on the highway that then demanded years of rehab and left her contractor husband disabled. During those times she studied and earned the prestigious Graduate Gemologist certification. In a male dominated field she launched her practice then bought out one of her leading competitors.

“Stephanie” moved from Alaska to Tacoma to care for an adult child with a severe illness. As a single, African-American woman over 60 years old she is one of a kind in the concrete construction field and she faces blatant discrimination on many fronts. Yet, she presses on developing a training program for young men to learn construction safety and concrete finishing skills for a brighter, employable future.

“David” was a professional athlete who in his mid-30s suddenly lost muscle strength during a ballet performance. The soon diagnosed nerve disease instantly eliminated his beloved career. He transformed his career into a graphic art practice helping small businesses and solopreneurs to create their unique brand.

Obstacles are inevitable and for some they are chronic companions. With great determination, intelligence, and undeniable patience they courageously push forward.

Regardless of the hurdles, there’s no time like the present to author something new to the world. 

Be Bold.