"Lead with your strengths." This common call to action plays counter to my early education experiences where flaws were so frequently noted in read ink.

High performing students also missed opportunities while the system failed to identify personal strengths that propel each of us to accomplish inspiring acts.

Today there are myriads of social engineering systems to unravel our strengths. Gallup's Strengths Finder is a good primer. If you haven't taken the Myer's-Briggs assessment then you have likely lived under a rock. The more robust Birkman Method identifies strengths but also identifies stress behaviors.

As a certified Birkman consultant I appreciate the method's rigorous social science foundation and manner in which it identifies perceptions/behaviors. Birkman reports enable teams and partnerships to achieve high functioning progress.

Personal revelations include a commanding strategist talent, balance along the introvert/extrovert scale, and thinking globally but getting hired to deliver linear solutions. Problem solving with clients and the solitude of writing are natural for me.

I have accepted (reluctantly) that I am not the big vision guy. I'm the guy removing obstacles, improving trajectory, and planning a more smooth and efficient pathway towards intended future. Knowing our strengths removes obstacles to success.

A participant once fell asleep during my entrepreneurship workshop. I asked her during a  break about her nodding off, fearing my style was a sleep aid. She reported launching a house cleaning business and was working long hours. Eighteen months later her business hit $380,000 in revenues.

Stunned upon hearing this milestone, I was compelled to learn how she got there. She was an operations ace and talented marketer. Now leading this highly successful company, thriving with triple bottom line values, she discovered that her value to the company went beyond the daily grind of cleaning houses. Once embraced, her strengths propelled her into a highly respected and financially rewarding business.

Steer efforts with revealed strengths. Social science tools like the Birkman Method provide us with a glimpse of our traits. Sharing those gifts with abandonment determines work and personal fulfillment.

Embrace each learning opportunity. Unveil your brilliance.