"Privileged" is a term we frequently reserve for the wealthy. That term also applies to our abilities and motivation.

If living without a disability, you are a TAB: temporarily able body. A passionate Veteran's Administration counselor once poignantly tagged me with that term.

TABS are one chemical reaction away from stroke or disease. By luck TABS have not suffered from a debilitating accident or war injury. Yet many living with disabilities make unimaginable progress compared to TABS.

"Tricia" graduated with honors at 53 having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from her local prestigious college. She launched a public relations practice solving communication issues for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Customers are moved by her professional writing talents and unparalleled optimism.

She was motivated to support diabetes treatment for one of three sons while her husband cycled through unemployment benefits, offering little to family finances.

Inspiring, but not the whole story.

Tricia was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 12. Due to RA's ravaging ways her legs were amputated a dozen years ago. She is a terrific writer who utilizes voice recognition software to create and edit her work.

As a privileged TAB, what self-imposed limitations hold you back from achieving what matters today?

As a privileged TAB, do what matters...now!