It's decision time: Act now or deliberate further?

My tribe of entrepreneurs includes many more Action Jacksons than Deliberative Deandra's. One consistently seizes an opportunity to "build the bike while riding" as the other carefully analyzes next steps.

One quickly removes the tension of deciding as the other contemplates change to align intentions.

Both require taking risks.

Where's your strength in growing your business? Quick decision-making and purposeful deliberative skills are essential to growing a sustainable business. My practice demands that I act swiftly to produce feasible options for entrepreneurs, defining a busy calendar for which I am grateful.

Success is terrific, and potentially blinding. In January our website crashed from neglect. My quick problem solving habits then clashed with the methodical pace of website renovation sending sanity over the edge.

Three months later the website rose like a Phoenix on account of hiring a developer cloaked with professional, deliberative talents.

The website redesign was a rebranding chore requiring a careful exchange of design, user interface, and workshop registration concepts.

To go pro demanded that I chill, continue my strengths, and reap the rewards of the talented Melissa McGhee who created an unexpectedly elegant portal to InsideWorks.

Beto Yarce is another deliberating hero. Upon arriving 12 years ago from Mexico, he sold jewelry at Fremont Market prior to opening Cintli at Seattle's Pike Place Market, volunteered at Casa Latina then was recruited to launch the now heralded Latino entrepreneurship program at Washington C.A.S.H.

Today Beto is the executive director of this non-profit.  His deliberative nature delivered the organization out of previously mismanaged circumstances and inspired the rebranding of the non-profit. These extraordinary efforts will be unveiled in May.

Imagine the effort of taking a 20-year-old non-profit organization with noteworthy local, state and national credentials then purposefully rebranding it to fit an updated mission. Beto masterfully corralled talent and built belief in doubters. The results are phenomenal.

I witness many entrepreneurial clients who operate sustainable businesses and afford generous lifestyles after taking measured risks required for growth. Their deliberative talent inspires me!