I am privileged to have worked with hundreds of gutsy entrepreneurs who boldly step into the unknown. Packed with talents and skills they deftly or clumsily morph their career into a self-directed venture. There are no experiences in the world of work that are as personally transformative as entrepreneurship.

Frequently people quote for me the statistic of business failures in the first five years of operations. To try and bomb is not failure. Boldly committing waking hours to a venture that matters is a remarkable achievement regardless of the outcome. The phenomenal personal growth experienced is seldom achieved within an employer permitted job.

My clients motivate me everyday, wiping out personal fear and loathing with their inspiring success stories. “Deb’s” family was rear ended on the highway that then demanded years of rehab and left her contractor husband disabled. During those times she studied and earned the prestigious Graduate Gemologist certification. In a male dominated field she launched her practice then bought out one of her leading competitors.

“Stephanie” moved from Alaska to Tacoma to care for an adult child with a severe illness. As a single, African-American woman over 60 years old she is one of a kind in the concrete construction field and she faces blatant discrimination on many fronts. Yet, she presses on developing a training program for young men to learn construction safety and concrete finishing skills for a brighter, employable future.

“David” was a professional athlete who in his mid-30s suddenly lost muscle strength during a ballet performance. The soon diagnosed nerve disease instantly eliminated his beloved career. He transformed his career into a graphic art practice helping small businesses and solopreneurs to create their unique brand.

Obstacles are inevitable and for some they are chronic companions. With great determination, intelligence, and undeniable patience they courageously push forward.

Regardless of the hurdles, there’s no time like the present to author something new to the world. 

Be Bold.


Your Headshot is a Stunning First Impression


Your Headshot is a Stunning First Impression

When we need expert advise we research best options and ask for referrals. We are multi-sensory creatures so when we follow a link and it unveils a shadow-filled face of the potential advisor, our perception of that person could be set.

Don't be that one dimension face on Linked In!

Be beautiful!

This weekend, Saturday May 30th InsideWorks is sponsoring professional photographer Steph Araiza for a special head shot event. For $95/sitting you'll leave with 10+ images to use throughout social media and for offline printing needs. 

CONTACT: Steph Araiza for an appointment, 425.224.6228 or

WHEN: Saturday, May 30th  9am - 5pm

LOCATION: InsideWorks, 318 6th Ave. So., Suite 101, Seattle, WA  98104


TAB, You are it!


TAB, You are it!

"Privileged" is a term we frequently reserve for the wealthy. That term also applies to our abilities and motivation.

If living without a disability, you are a TAB: temporarily able body. A passionate Veteran's Administration counselor once poignantly tagged me with that term.

TABS are one chemical reaction away from stroke or disease. By luck TABS have not suffered from a debilitating accident or war injury. Yet many living with disabilities make unimaginable progress compared to TABS.

"Tricia" graduated with honors at 53 having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from her local prestigious college. She launched a public relations practice solving communication issues for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Customers are moved by her professional writing talents and unparalleled optimism.

She was motivated to support diabetes treatment for one of three sons while her husband cycled through unemployment benefits, offering little to family finances.

Inspiring, but not the whole story.

Tricia was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 12. Due to RA's ravaging ways her legs were amputated a dozen years ago. She is a terrific writer who utilizes voice recognition software to create and edit her work.

As a privileged TAB, what self-imposed limitations hold you back from achieving what matters today?

As a privileged TAB, do what!



Mine Your Strengths


Mine Your Strengths

"Lead with your strengths." This common call to action plays counter to my early education experiences where flaws were so frequently noted in read ink.

High performing students also missed opportunities while the system failed to identify personal strengths that propel each of us to accomplish inspiring acts.

Today there are myriads of social engineering systems to unravel our strengths. Gallup's Strengths Finder is a good primer. If you haven't taken the Myer's-Briggs assessment then you have likely lived under a rock. The more robust Birkman Method identifies strengths but also identifies stress behaviors.

As a certified Birkman consultant I appreciate the method's rigorous social science foundation and manner in which it identifies perceptions/behaviors. Birkman reports enable teams and partnerships to achieve high functioning progress.

Personal revelations include a commanding strategist talent, balance along the introvert/extrovert scale, and thinking globally but getting hired to deliver linear solutions. Problem solving with clients and the solitude of writing are natural for me.

I have accepted (reluctantly) that I am not the big vision guy. I'm the guy removing obstacles, improving trajectory, and planning a more smooth and efficient pathway towards intended future. Knowing our strengths removes obstacles to success.

A participant once fell asleep during my entrepreneurship workshop. I asked her during a  break about her nodding off, fearing my style was a sleep aid. She reported launching a house cleaning business and was working long hours. Eighteen months later her business hit $380,000 in revenues.

Stunned upon hearing this milestone, I was compelled to learn how she got there. She was an operations ace and talented marketer. Now leading this highly successful company, thriving with triple bottom line values, she discovered that her value to the company went beyond the daily grind of cleaning houses. Once embraced, her strengths propelled her into a highly respected and financially rewarding business.

Steer efforts with revealed strengths. Social science tools like the Birkman Method provide us with a glimpse of our traits. Sharing those gifts with abandonment determines work and personal fulfillment.

Embrace each learning opportunity. Unveil your brilliance.



Carpe Diem or Deliberate?


Carpe Diem or Deliberate?


It's decision time: Act now or deliberate further?

My tribe of entrepreneurs includes many more Action Jacksons than Deliberative Deandra's. One consistently seizes an opportunity to "build the bike while riding" as the other carefully analyzes next steps.

One quickly removes the tension of deciding as the other contemplates change to align intentions.

Both require taking risks.

Where's your strength in growing your business? Quick decision-making and purposeful deliberative skills are essential to growing a sustainable business. My practice demands that I act swiftly to produce feasible options for entrepreneurs, defining a busy calendar for which I am grateful.

Success is terrific, and potentially blinding. In January our website crashed from neglect. My quick problem solving habits then clashed with the methodical pace of website renovation sending sanity over the edge.

Three months later the website rose like a Phoenix on account of hiring a developer cloaked with professional, deliberative talents.

The website redesign was a rebranding chore requiring a careful exchange of design, user interface, and workshop registration concepts.

To go pro demanded that I chill, continue my strengths, and reap the rewards of the talented Melissa McGhee who created an unexpectedly elegant portal to InsideWorks.

Beto Yarce is another deliberating hero. Upon arriving 12 years ago from Mexico, he sold jewelry at Fremont Market prior to opening Cintli at Seattle's Pike Place Market, volunteered at Casa Latina then was recruited to launch the now heralded Latino entrepreneurship program at Washington C.A.S.H.

Today Beto is the executive director of this non-profit.  His deliberative nature delivered the organization out of previously mismanaged circumstances and inspired the rebranding of the non-profit. These extraordinary efforts will be unveiled in May.

Imagine the effort of taking a 20-year-old non-profit organization with noteworthy local, state and national credentials then purposefully rebranding it to fit an updated mission. Beto masterfully corralled talent and built belief in doubters. The results are phenomenal.

I witness many entrepreneurial clients who operate sustainable businesses and afford generous lifestyles after taking measured risks required for growth. Their deliberative talent inspires me!