Providing a REflective, collaborative engagement

Business flows at the speed of trust.


Providing a REflective, collaborative engagement

Business flows at the speed of trust.

Washington State 2016 Small Private Employer of the Year*

InsideWorks' mission supports the dignity of good work. Our tribe includes solo-entrepreneurs and business partnerships. An expanding network of business producers tailor solutions that influence transformative outcomes. We embrace diversity and accept how each person identifies their place in our world. 

*Governor's Committee on Disability  Issues and Employment




Curiosity abolishes fear of the unknown.

Founder Brian Jaeger brings a legacy of entrepreneurial, career development, and change management work experiences to InsideWorks. His career highlights include business partnerships, I.T. leadership training, teaching, championing business incubators and influencing over 500 start up businesses.  As a habitual strategist with a keen interest in targeting personal talents and addressing pressing issues, he influences action steps that inspire confidence and core competencies. Brian is fanatical about motivating individuals and partners to thrive through work that matters.

Be bold!

I am in awe of our clients' personal,    business and community achievements.    Brian J. Jaeger

“The dignity of good work matters.”

Brian J. Jaeger

INSIDEWORKS offers a referral network of engaging change agents who cultivate exceptional results.

INSIDEWORKS’ referral network of engaging change agents cultivate exceptional results.


Gerald Grinter Insurance Expert

Miriam Works
Retail Authority 

Carole Shelton-Toney
Certified Cannabis Business Consultant 

Chad Smith  Trademark/Copyright Attorney

Conrad Reynoldson
Disability Rights Attorney

Christine Martin
HR Strategist

Caption Access
Captioning Crew


Charlie Magee  Franchise Champion

Pete McDowell
Business Broker

Fred Canada
Small Business Broker 

Rachel Maxwell / Casey Dilloway
Crowd Funding Generators



Jenny Capella
 Birkman Consultant

Gin Hammond      Voice Specialists

Larry Nichols
Writing Coach